Santhanaathi Hair Oil


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Tamilnadu Rs.100
Other state Rs. 200 & above

Ingredients :  

Organic oil,

& Herbal extracts,

Santha Nathi extracts,

Santha Nathi Paste,

Vitamins, Proteins,




Santhanaathi Hair Oil  also serves to:

1.Boosting Growth & Grooming hair like a beard, sideburns, eyebrows, chest hair, thin hair, baldness, mustache, Head/Scalp Massage Oil

2. Eliminates dandruff,

3. Keeps hair shiny , Healthy & Gorgeous looking . ,

4. Strengthens & Nutralizes the hair roots,

5. Prevent the onset of gray hair,

6. Normalize to natural healthy hair ,

7. Adds Extra nutrients for the hair,

8. Is used as a head/scalp massage oil which certainly helps to keep your mind & body relax giving you with a cooling refreshment feeling.

9. Lining the blood circulation in the scalp, as well as injecting and enter the needed protein in hair, actively stimulate hair follicles, so that hair follicles become healthy, fresh, and of course hair so thick, strong and not fall off easily and others .

With so many qualities & testimonials Then why not try our product , once you had seen the billions satisficyory results you will never forget the Name ” MBR ” Trusted by billions around the world Since 1942s !

M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR , is carefully made from natural herbal ingredients, which have proven very effective for stimulating hair growth and also stop the hair loss, as well as thicken and nourish hair.

M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR does not cause side effects or dependency and M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR can be used by both men and women, youths , so it is very practical in use for the alternate spouse or family members at home.

M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR is a traditional herbal hair care produt that has been used by billions for more than 75 years in Asia including established countries Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia , India etc .. .

M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR is processed ancestor of the Asian recipes with Natural Plant Extracts .

M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR now has a presence in most Asian & European countries to provide healthy hair care solutions, beauty and good looks to the people all over the world .

M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR is highly suitable for use by women, teens, men, fathers, children . It is safe for all who desire to have long , thick and black hair.

1 MBR Hair Oil small bottle contains quite a lot, namely: 140 ml. Regular use can be made 3-4 months.

Unlike other products that are most made from chemicals that are harmful to the skin & scalp , M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR is made from natural ingredients which is an ancient traditional ingredients such as olive oil , hazel nut oil , RBD coconut oil , castor oil and other key ingredients and the seceret receipe is safekept for more than 75 years .

WOW!!!!!!!!⚘⚘⚘❤❤❤ MBR Branded Cosmetic Products has a very long HISTORY and still exists to this day, that proves proudly the efficacy of usefulness of M.B.R. HAIR OIL / MINYAK MBR ” Trusted SINCE EARLY 1942S !!!

MBR Hair Oil content is clear , mildly thicker then other normal oil & has the highest antioxidant content which serves as an anti-toxin, anti-fungal, and bacterial and very effective to blood circulation .

MBR Hair Oil also contains other key special oil that has anti-fungal and astringent natural hair grower, that all content is made from herbal formula which is very good for hair health.


For sideburns, beard, mustache, eyebrows wash your face with soap, then apply MBR Hair oil to the desired spots.

For Balding & Thinning Hair , wash, then apply MBR Hair oil to the desired spots with a massage ( Leave MBR Hair Oil for 4-6 hours and use every day after bathing in the morning / afternoon / evening sleep was taken).

For Dandruff & Hair Loss: hair wash, then apply MBR Hair oil to the desired spots with a massage ( Leave MBR Hair Oil for 4-6 hours and use every day after bathing in the morning / afternoon / evening sleep was taken).

Recommended by many hair doctors & experts to Use MBR Hair Oil regularly / daily to maintain your hair in a healthy way , which most of us love to have ..

We want you to know, that we have sacrificed so much money and time only to find the most effective product for MOST KINDS OF GROWING HAIR. We’ve spent quite a long time, the hours are not counted. Supposed to be a fair price for the product is growing hair reach millions of dollars. But even so, you can get it at a AFFORDABLE price which is in most places near you.
M.B.R A Billions Favourite Choice Untill To Date.

Notice : Due To The Huge Demand In Asia, Matters Came To Our Attenion That Fake Products Are Cirulating In Malaysia , Beware!! Humble Request To MBR Lovers… Please Always Insist For MBR Rose Water & Be Asurred The Packaging Label Only Bears The 3 Letters M.B.R … Not A Single Letter More Or Less & Be Our Autetnic Logo Of King & Queen Sitting On The Moon Crescent… Thank You very much.


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Santhanaathi Hair Oil

150ml, 300ml


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